RAAL Mobility

RAAL Testing Center has been equipped with an electro-dynamic vibration shaker. This equipment is used for heat exchangers testing and validation as well as for new solutions development in research. We are able to perform tests according to the vibration standards in the automotive, railway, military, etc. and also based on the data acquired directly on the machine in operation.

Features :

Force RMS :  100 kN

Acceleration RMS: 100g

Max.velocity: 2.4 m/s

Frequency:  5 – 2500 Hz


Max.Positive Displacement: 25.4 mm

Max.Negative Displacement: 25.4 mm

Shaker Orientation:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal (slip table)
Testing types:

  • sinusoidal (5 – 2500 Hz)
  • random
  • sinusoidal on random
  • shock



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